JULY holiday program!

Join the festivities of holidays with our…

Themed craft and pampers workshop!

6th, 8th, 12th and 14th July 2022

Very limited spaces to comply with our Covid safe policy

Schedule of time for workshops

Guests are split into smaller groups of 5-6 with each group of activities taking 90-120 mins

Group 1: Pampers including

Butterfly foot spas

Mini Mani

Mini Pedi

Hair styled and

Face gems

Coloured braids an additional $30

**Coloured extension braids can be added for an additional $30– we need to be notified at time of booking

Group 2: Craft includes

Fun craft activities including

Easter and themed crafts

Jewellery making using AMAZING beads, charms to create a gorgeous necklace and bracelet

Magical/ potion making

Each group stopping for a break for lunch and snacks!

At the completion of our workshop, guests will walk a red carpet to model their new looks! (if they choose)

Each guest will need to bring their own: Snacks, lunch, water, thongs/ slides to wear home!

All costs include pamper and craft activities to take home


TO BOOK PLEASE EMAIL partypeepsgymea@gmail.com

Want to make a booking or ask a question?

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions or for appointments.

0405 393 445

17 Casuarina Rd
Gymea Bay NSW 2227